Miniture Golf comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch in full 3D! Windmills, castles, moving obstacles -- all the miniature golf classics are included. Tilt the iPod/iPhone to change your view and aim the ball. Putting is as simple as tapping the screen. The game will automatically save no matter where you are in the game so you can pick up and play anytime.

  • Play Anytime - Game will automatically save your progress if you get a call or exit the game
  • Full 3D Gameplay - Game is built using the Unity3d Engine
  • 18 Unique Holes - Entire course included
  • Easy to Start - Course is designed to become more challenging as you progress
  • Designed Specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Score Board - Keep track of your strokes for each hole
  • Built-in Tutorial - Instructions are built into the game. No looking up instructions in a manual